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SHIPPING: Because of the Custom nature of this artist business.  It is hard to pre-determine some shipping costs.   The shipping charges listed may be less or more then the actual cost.   Please note that if it’s less, we will refund you the difference. If it’s more, we will ask for additional payment. It is difficult to determine actual shipping charges until after the artwork is packed and ready to ship.
COPYRIGHTS: Please note that Elleh retains the copyrights to all original artwork and paintings. Commercial duplication of Elleh’s art must be licensed by Elleh, LLC in a formal Licensing Agreement.

PRINTS:  Original Art Prints will be added soon.  The prints will be available in optional sizes and paper types.    If you are interested in a print of one of Elleh’s Canvases, please contact us.  1-888-98Elleh  (1-888-983-5534)

TEACHING CANVAS:  These are canvases created as I instruct a class.  There is slight differences in each canvas and my have difference or imperfections as they are created during the process of teaching.  There will be multiples of these canvases while having slight differences the main focus of the painting will be the same.  They are also different from “Original Canvases”  As those titled original; only ONE will be created.

Email:  Elleh@ArtofElleh.com

Phone:  1-888-98Elleh    (1-888-983-5534)

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