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To All My Wonderful Clients;

I held on as long as I could!

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and the Closure of Events over the last 14+ months by Governor’s Order; county and local restrictions on events and added Covid 19 business liability insurance issues, I have had to make the difficult decision to no longer offer in-person events for the foreseeable future.

The forced closures and restrictions devastated my event business. Over those months; I worked towards transitioning the business fully to fine art & illustration work. Adding children’s book illustration to my portfolio. I have also been developing online classes and will update the website and this page as soon as that transition is completed.    

If you are in need of Illustration work, please reach out to

Elleh at 1-888-98Elleh. 

I am writing this with a heavy but hopeful heart.

Heavy to be moving on from working with each of you at Art with Elleh Events.

I enjoyed meeting all of you!

To watch something you worked so hard to build, be wiped out in the blink of an eye was so very sad.

But I also have a hopeful heart that I can continue to teach the value of art thru new illustration work. And hope to continue to teach young artists that they have a gift so valuable. To nurture it and use it. For we artists are gifted with touching and healing the soul.

There is excitement to see what will come next. For it was thru meeting all of you that I learned the value of the gift I was blessed with. The true value of art.

Keep checking back. As I add illustration work, art work and online classes. And maybe one day in the future I can teach again.

I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you for your support, and all you taught me over the years.  – Elleh

I will be trusting God with is what to come! He gave each of us a gift, he will show me where to use this gift I was given! Transitions are part of life. Keep checking back! The winds are a shifting……..

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