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FAQ – Art Work


How Do You Arrive at the Cost of a piece of Original Art Work, and the Artist Billable Time?

I understand that looking at the price of a true Original Piece of Artwork, the cost can be daunting.  But I am very respectful of money and the hours it takes to earn it.  With that being said I thought I would like to share how prices are placed on my artwork.

When looking at an original piece, I base the price on the time (cost of labor and supplies, administrative time, business expenses directly related to that piece.  ie like digital images, record keeping, certification certificates, cost of supply gathering,  web listings and if re-purposing a piece of furniture the costs of final clear coat finishing  etc.  There is much that goes into creating a high quality piece of artwork.  If a piece is to be shipped, shipping supply charges and time also must be included.

When looking at the artist billable time please also keep in mind that the amount is not the artists take home pay as with any job the billable labor charges not only include the artist salary but also, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, required Health Insurance, and all other employee expenses and benefit costs.

And yes, I do keep track of all of these expenses and costs per piece. (yes, time consuming but I feel it’s important to value the piece while also being respectful of the money a collector pays.  It is important that the piece carries true value with the purchase.)

Other factors also included are the gallery fees and or listing fees that are charged to list the pieces publicly.   To be fair I price my art piece the same across the board.  So that you may buy in confidence.  A comparable piece will cost the same at any gallery or location no matter their percentage cost.  This is my way to insure you value when you invest in a piece of my artwork.

All ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind Pieces come signed by Elleh with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Please feel free to call or email if you have other questions.



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