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Welcome to Elleh® Ministries

Mission:  To Save One 
                                     To Change One


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If you would like Elleh to speak at your event please email her at:


1-888-98Elleh / 1-618-980-4595


 Speaking Topics Enclude: Christian,  Relational & Abuse Topics

Below are a Sampleing of Speaking Topics:

Christian & Relational Speaking Series:

“Adams Rib”

“The Unrealistic Preception of Perfection”


“Who Am I”

Abuse Topics Include:

*  All Forms of Abuse:  Physical, Mental, Emotional & Sexual

*  Healing From Abuse

*  Recognizing Abuse

*  Relationships

*  Children:  Caught in the middle

*    The Value of Art

*  Importance of Art Education

*  Recognizing your gifts and the value they hold

*  Recognizing the gifts of your child

*   The journey from abuse

*  The unspoken truth about abuse :  It’s not just men

*  What it takes to leave abuse

*  Why women don’t leave

Speaking topics can be developed around your event theme and audience. Elleh can speak to children, youth, women’s or men’s groups individually or in mixed groups.   Contact us for detailed planning for your event.



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