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    FAQ – Art Events

    FAQ – Art & Canvas Party/Events

    What is an Art & Canvas Party/Event?

           It is a fun, social, group setting, where you enjoy laughter and fun, as I guide you step by step in recreating the featured painting; or art project for the class. By the end of the evening you will create a fabulous piece of artwork of your very own! The event times vary depending on the art project or canvas painting chosen for the class. Events are approximately 3 hours long.


    Why is advance registration required?


                Advanced registration is required because of limited seating; most of our event venues have limited seating.  Also the art supplies required for each class/event are calculated and pre-ordered.  So there would in most cases not be enough supplies for a un-registered guest.  You can register by purchasing your ticket/seat on the website or give us a call and we can walk you through the registration process and answer any questions you might have.


    What is the cost of an Art & Canvas class/event?


    The prices range for a basic canvas painting class is $35 and up.  The cost of the class is largely dependent on the painting or art project picked for the class or event. This cost difference is because of the wide range of art projects taught and the range of different art supplies needed for each type of art project chosen.  We will be able to walk you thru the process of picking a project and give you a class cost estimate before a class is booked. Fundraisers are usually a little more as the extra ticket price will add to the funds collected for the fundraising organization hosting the event.


    What does the class fee cover?


                All art supplies for the project or canvas painting. (ie, For a canvas painting class, canvas, paints, brushes, easels, plus aprons to wear.)  Exact supplies dependent on the art project picked.


    What to wear?


    Aprons are provided, but this is a fun art class.  Wear something comfortable and something you don’t mind getting messy.


    Are any events BYOB (bring your own bottle)?


    BYOB is illegal in many states. I am not licensed to provide or approve BYOB events. I am only contracted to teach painting or art projects at an event. I do not provide alcohol. Please check with your specific location for details concerning BYOB. Hosting restaurants and event venues have great drink and food options!  Private Parties and Events ask you host their BYOB policy. If you attend any events with BYOB please drink responsibly.


    What is your cancellation policy?


                Art & Canvas events are an entertainment event much like a sporting event, concert, or movie.  There is a NO REFUND or cancelations policy, but we understand that life happens and your ticket/seat is transferable for that event to someone else. All sales of ticket/seat price are transferable to another person for that evenings’ class but not refundable.  All sales are final.


    Public classes are subject to cancellation without a minimum of 10 attendees. Cancellations are very rare and customers will be notified via phone and/or email of cancelled classes.


    All private events are required to have the 10 seat minimum.  If a group of less than the minimum number attend; the minimum seat cost is still due.


    If Elleh has to cancel for any reason and a suitable teacher cannot be found a full refund of monies collected will be refunded.


    What types of events do you teach:


         Elleh is available for Private Classes, Events, Corporate Events, Team Building Events, Couples Classes “Date Night”, Mommie & Me, Cupcakes & Splatters & In- Home Parties



    How many people do I need for a Private Event?


    There is a minimum of 10 guests for an Art & Canvas Private Class/Event or  Cupcakes & Splatters Party/Event. If you have fewer guests you are charged for the minimum that is required.



    How far will you travel for a Private Event?


    I travel and can bring the art Event/Party to your location Call for distance and pricing.



    Can I cancel my Private Party or Event?


    Art & Canvas Private Events and Parties are specifically designed for you. This is a customized canvas or art project and class. It takes a considerable amount of time and administrative work to put your specific art project/canvas & class together. Therefore, once you register, there are no reschedules, no credits and no refunds. No exceptions.



    How do I book a party?


          Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. When a party date is confirmed, a set-up fee is collected and ticket sale prices are collected, in the amount totaling from 50% for large public group events to 100% of the class for a small private event. This fee is necessary to secure your date and time. At the time the fee is paid, your event date and time will be removed from the open calendar. Any  balance due will be due by cash the day of the party. Or you may also pay via Personal Check, Money Order, Cash or Major Credit Card – 3 days prior to the party.   Credit and debit cards will have a 3% transaction fee added.


    How early should I book my Event/Party?


      I recommend calling as soon as you know your date.  I am often booked several months ahead. 8 weeks is a good minimum time line to get your desired date and time slot, but don’t let that scare you from contacting me last minute. Busy weekends are completely random and change on a yearly basis. If you know you are having a party on a holiday weekend please contact us as early as you can.  Remember it takes time to prepare and order in the specific art supplies needed for your art project or canvas.  This is done ahead of your party to make sure all supplies are on hand and ready for your event.  This allows adequate artist time to create your canvas or art project for your art or canvas party/event.   I highly recommend having a weekday party/event as a option because weekends tend to book up fast during these time periods in order to get the best availability.



    Why is the fee so high to hire an artist; when you are only here for 3 hours?


    While the artist billable rate; may seem like a high fee.  Please remember that the billable rate is not the take home pay of the artist.  Just like with any job there additional expenses that go into a “billable rate”(eg. social security Tax, workman’s comp, health insurance coverage requirements, Medicare Tax, Federal Unemployment Tax etc. etc.  Also included is the specific and special abilities and time to learn and keep up to date on the industry standards, artist abilities and experience.



    Why hire a true professional?


    There are now many people out there who teach wine & canvas classes.  What Makes You Different?


    In a quick sentence; (and not being to bold)  I have the ability to teach.  There is something special in an ability to teach.  For this reason there is no need for you to have a canvas pre-drawn or colors pre-chosen for you.  I; in almost every case, can teach even the most novices of painters to paint or finish the project picked and for them and for them to be proud of the piece they created.   I have a life time of experience in this industry working and teaching art classes with adults and children nearly my entire life.  I have a life time of experience working with children of all ages. My artistic abilities are truly unique covering many, many media.  Because, of my unique understanding of art and the years of teaching experience.  I have the ability to change the complexity of an project in the moment, adjust to the differences in artistic type, style and artist/student ability and personality.  I also can teach just about anything and teach the idea from beginner to complex.  A  look at my galleries and show a difference.  I also have literally hundreds of projects and options to choose from; only limited by the time frame of your event.   I also will not run your guests thru a project to expiate the class ending.  Each guest will create the project at their speed and leave with a project showing their artistic vision & version of the project. Your guests will not be treated like a number and a cash flow.  The focus is for your guest to relax, laugh and have fun.  That is the environment I bring to the table.  They will get attention and I will help them create a project they will be proud of having fun while they create.  I will add that “WOW” to your event to make it truly unique and different.  No need to worry, I come in professional attire and set up, with a professional attitude.  This is my business so when you hire me you get me.   Take a look at my galleries you will see a difference.




    Do you do Charity and/or “free” work?


    As an Entertainer I am contacted about 5 events to 1 to work charity events.  While I understand the limited budgets and need for entertainment; as a small business I have come to the difficult decision to no longer work for “free”.  The need is overwhelming and I simply cannot cover my overhead and stay in business nor be able to work the overwhelming numerous requests for unpaid or free work.  As also as an entertainer, and a person with a heart I work and donate many of my personal hours and also work many personal charity events without charge.


    Other options include, finding a sponsor to cover the cost of hiring my work, who can be advertised as the sponsor for the event.


    I also do offer fundraising events for were a portion of the class goes back to the organization to help fund it’s work. Please call for specifics on these types of events.




    What are your office hours?


    My events are scheduled by the client’s time frame.  So I am not in the studio at specific times.   If you call and I don’t answer please leave a message. I return my calls and e-mails promptly.  Depending on the length of my event; or travel time.  Phone calls and E-mails may be answered the next day.


    What if our guests are late?


    Our time is limited. If your party is running late it will cause us to be late for every party after yours. We always do our best to work around your time frame and guests, but we cannot wait for late arrivals if there are other events after yours. In order to avoid late arrivals please schedule your entertainment with your guest arrival in mind.



    Is there a travel fee and why?


    Yes, if over 30 miles.   Party bookings outside of this radius will have a traveling fee added to their price. Travel fee is based on length of time of the event and distance using google maps.  The reason for the fee is the time in travel it takes to and from your event is directly related to your event.  I am unable to book or work any other event with traveling to yours.  So in those cases I must add a travel fee.   For long distance trips and events; hotel and rental cars fees will be added.  These fees will be discussed at the time of booking.



    Is a holding fee/set up fee required?


    Upon booking, Purchaser will need to mail or e-mail a signed copy of our contract with a  holding/set up fee from 50% to 100% (the amount of deposit depends on size of event/party and type of art project picked)  of the class fee in order for me to hold a date, and time slot. Your holding/set up fee will be deducted from your total and if necessary the remaining balance will be due on the date of your event by cash.  Or you may pay by personal check, money order, or Credit/debit card 3 days prior to your event.  Once your event is officially booked the holding fee/set up fee is non-refundable.  As it goes to the administrative hours and time to set up your event and block off your specific time slot.   Please see Full Refund Policy on the Art & Canvas Info Page.


    What if I need to cancel or reschedule?


    Due to the limited number of time slots once a date is booked; I do not give refunds on the holding/setup fee.  Those fees are used for the administrative time to set up your event. When your event is booked all other opportunities for work during that time frame are passed by.  Consider this as if you had purchased tickets to a sporting event or concert. Those tickets are non-refundable.


    What if my performer has to cancel?


    If there is a cancellation or rescheduling made by the Elleh due to acts of god, national performance opportunities, or airline delays/cancellations, or any unforeseen events.  We will extend our best efforts to find an acceptable date & time substitution. At which point the Purchaser has the option to accept or decline. If Purchaser declines, holding/setup fee will be returned in full.


    Liability for Damage


    I will treat your home, your guests, and/or party location with utmost respect, and provide a professional service. We assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused by party guests. In return, we appreciate your assurance to ensure that our assets and person(s) are treated with respect.  I also have the right to refuse to teach any painting or art project that would be deemed, inappropriate or unethical.


    We look forward to entertaining your friends, family, co-workers and quests at your next party or event!

    Please feel free to call or email if you have other questions.

    (888) 98Elleh





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